Rhythm Recording Project


In this project we learned the basics of rhythm and drums and how to create our own beats. We learned how to create beats in Garage Band and made our own beats from Apple Loops and MIDI regions, as well as the drummer feature on Garage Band.

Recording Techniques

Terms and Concepts

  • Meter
    • Pulse/heartbeat of a song
  • Pacing
    • Speed of the composition
  • Tempo
    • Speed the notes are played at
  • Beat
    • Rhythm of a song
  • Hip Hop
    • Music genre that uses synthesizers and voice for rhythm
      • Rap
  • Out of the Pocket
    • Not in time with the beat
  • Quantize
    • Fixing notes so they are on the beat
  • Single Take
    • Recording something once
  • Multipass Recording
    • Recording multiple times
  • Overdub
    • Record more sound over the original track
  • C1 Octave Range
    • 1 octave on the keyboard, C to C
  • Cowbell (note in MIDI)
    • More
  • Drum Kit
    • Set of different drums and cymbals
  • Kick Drum (note in MIDI)
    • Low percussive drum hit
  • Snare Drum (note in MIDI)
    • Higher rattle percussive drum hit
  • Cymbal (note in MIDI)
    • Ringing metallic drum hit
  • Drum Machine (808)
    • Drum machine on GarageBand
  • Loop
    • Continuously repeated section of music
  • Arpeggiation
    • Playing notes of the scale
  • Sound Effects
    • Added sounds to a song
  • One Shot Sound
    • Single sound

What I Learned

I learned how to create rhythm in Garage Band and make it fit with other MIDI files. I learned how to make drummer tracks line up with the other tracks in a song so it sounds like it all fits together. I learned how to change the drummer so that what they are playing fits with the song best by changing the types of drums used, having the drums follow certain instruments, and changing the complexity of the rhythm.

Here is an example blog post I used to help with this project

Rhythm Recording Project

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